Monday, April 7, 2014

Peanut Controlled Section 2014: St. Louis Cardinals

A big thanks goes to Dan & Laura for the below info about peanut allergy friendly Saint Louis Cardinals games:

"As in the past, Busch Stadium will have 3 dates set aside for food allergy families to come out to the ballgame and sit in a special peanut-controlled section within the ballpark. Those dates are:

Sunday 6/22/14 at 1:15pm vs. the Philadelphia Phillies (For 
the grownups: Replica Batting Practice Hat w/National League Champions Logo). Tickets for this game are $25 each.

Tuesday 7/22/14 at 7:15pm vs. the Tampa Bay Rays (Interleague Game). Tickets for this game are $15 each.

Sunday 8/3/14 at 1:15pm vs. the Milwaukee Brewers (For the kids: Mini Clydesdale from Build-A-Bear Workshop & Kids Run the Bases day). Tickets for this game are $25 each.

Tickets for peanut-controlled section #328 are now on sale!
Phone: 314-345-9000"