Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Allergy Awareness Game 2014: Chicago White Sox

peanutfreebaseball.com friend Judy received the following information via email from the White Sox' Dustin:

"The White Sox are pleased to announce the Allergy Awareness Game of the 2014 season.  Please join us, on Saturday April 12th when the White Sox play the Cleveland Indians at US Cellular Field.   There will be a special designated area in the club level for anybody with a nut allergy and their family and friends.  No nuts or anything containing nuts will be allowed in the special seating area.  There will also be a special food table in the area featuring foods that do not contain nut products.   There will also be food options for people with milk and egg allergies."

 "I have attached the order form and waiver.  You will need to send back a waiver for each person that has a nut allergy with the order form.  If you would like additional information or have any questions please let me know.   Feel free to call me at 312-674-5186 or shoot me an email."

The contact email address is: dmilliken AT chisox DOTcom  (just add in "@" for "AT" and "." for "DOT") I have attached the waiver as a hyperlink for ease of access.
Thank you Judy, for keeping us all in the loop!