Monday, April 29, 2013

Long Island Ducks 2013: Peanut Free/Food Allergy Awareness Day

The Long Island Ducks recently announced their promotional schedule. I was happy to spot a peanut-free/food allergy awareness day game scheduled for May 11. The game will start at 1:05 PM and is versus the Somerset Patriots. Tickets may be purchased online. Thanks to the Long Island Ducks for continuing to offer a peanut free game!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Florence Freedom 2013: Peanut Free Game

The Florence Freedom are offering a peanut-free game on Friday, June 14 at 6:35 versus the Greys. This game is being sponsored by Family Allergy & Asthma of Louisville, Kentucky. For more information on the game and to buy tickets, please visit the Florence Freedom's website.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Louisville Bats 2013: Peanut-Free Game

The Louisville Bats will be offering a peanut free game on May 10 at 6:35 PM, sponsored by Family Allergy & Asthma of Louisville, Kentucky. This is the third year the Bats have held a peanut free game. For more information, please read Bats baseball offers allergic a stress-free, nut-free day.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Pawtucket Red Sox 2013: 2 Peanut Free Allergy Night Games

"The Pawtucket Red Sox are pleased to announce that they have designated two home games during the 2013 season as “Peanut Free Allergy Nights” at McCoy Stadium. The games will be May 14 when the PawSox host Gwinnett at 7:05 pm and August 13 vs. Louisville at 7:05 pm. Peanut products will not be sold anywhere throughout the ballpark during those two games. We hope those with peanut allergies who have always wanted to enjoy a game, will be able to join us on May 14th and August 13th, leave their worries behind, and root, root, for the home team!"

Friday, April 19, 2013

Pittsburgh Pirates: Allergy Awareness Night 2013

The Pittsburgh Pirates are having their 2nd annual allergy awareness game on May 31, 2013 at 7:05 PM. Tickets are only $20! Tickets may be purchased online. For more information, take a look at the Pittsburgh Pirates website.

Thanks to Katie for the heads-up on this game!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Detroit Tigers 2013: 2 Peanut Allergy Friendly Games

There are two dates scheduled for peanut allergy friendly games: Sunday April 28 at 8:08 PM and Sunday May 12 at 1:08 PM.

Please see the below message I received from the Detroit Tigers:

Hello Tigers Fan,
The Detroit Tigers are again happy to provide the opportunity for individuals with a peanut allergy to attend a Tigers game this season.  A maximum of four tickets per family maybe purchased.  A signed waiver must be completed to participate.
Space is limited and available for purchase on a first come, first serve basis online only.
Please click the following link to purchase tickets.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Milwaukee Brewers 2013: 6 Games with Peanut Controlled Section

Thanks to Edward of for the heads-up on the Brewers peanut allergy friendly games. The Brewers are offering six games with a peanut controlled section. The dates for those games are:

Monday 4/29 at 7:10 PM vs. Pittsburgh Pirates
Friday 5/24 at 7:10 PM vs. Pittsburgh Pirates
Friday 6/21 at 7:10 PM vs. Atlanta Braves
Friday 7/5 at 7:10 PM vs. NY Mets
Thursday 8/15 at 7:10 PM vs. Cincinnati Reds
Friday 8/30 at 7:10 PM Oakland A's

Seats are $42 each and there is a limit of 6 seats per order. For additional information or to place an order, please visit the Brewer's website.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Camden Riversharks 2013: FARE Night

Thank you to FARE for notifying me that The Camden Riversharks are having a FARE (Food Allergy Research and Education) night game n May 11, 2013 at 5:35 PM. $5.00 of each ticket is donated to FARE, and tickets are only $11 plus a $1.25 processing fee. Please see the flyer for information on ordering tickets. For additional information or any questions, please email Mark Schieber at mschieberATriversharksDOTcom.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Red Sox 2013: Peanut Allergy Friendly Games

A BIG thank you goes out to Edward of for alerting us to the following information about peanut allergy friendly Red Sox games this season! I have copied and pasted the information below.

2013 Peanut-Allergy Friendly Initiative

Entering its ninth year in existence, the Boston Red Sox will welcome Peanut-Allergy fans to Fenway Park once again in 2013.  In coordination with the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America: New England chapter; the Red Sox make a concerted effort to assist all fans in their efforts to see Boston Red Sox Baseball at Fenway Park. Many of the changes to this season’s Peanut Allergy Friendly Initiative were in response to the 2012 Peanut Allergy Survey.

(All game dates fall on a Saturday in favor of fan support from our 2013 Peanut Allergy Initiative Survey)

2013 Peanut Allergy Friendly Game Dates:

June 8th @ 7:15pm vs. LAA
July 20th @ 4:05pm vs. NYY,
August 3rd @ 7:10pm vs. ARI
Aug 31st @ 7:10pm vs. CWS
  Sat. July 27th Futures at Fenway
  • Seating locations for the Baseball Beanpot and Futures at Fenway are still TBD

The Cumberland Farms Deck will be our main seating area for our 2013 Peanut Allergy Friendly games 
  • Located on the Right Field Roof Terrace
  • This section consist of 70 seats and 100 standing room only seats
  • Price: $50 for a seat and $30 standing room only
  • Tickets are purchased in advance of the game date
  • Cumberland Farms Deck will be thoroughly cleaned and inspected prior to each game
  • Appropriate “Peanut-Allergy Friendly” signage will be posted at the site location
  • Families will receive tickets from ambassadors inside Gate B as soon as they turn in their waiver forms that are sent to them in advance
  • Ambassadors will assist directing fans up to Coke Deck starting 2 hours prior to first pitch and up until the start of the 2nd inning
  • Sales of any nut products are prohibited on or near the Right Field Terrace during the game
  • There is an extra security, EMS, and Ambassador presence in the Cumberland Farms Deck throughout the game to troubleshoot questions and be of assistance in case an emergency arises
  • Will Jones will remain the main contact for these families throughout the course of the day
What we provide:

  1. Atmosphere – A safe and friendly environment welcoming our fans to Fenway Park 
  2. Tickets – Peanut Families pick up at Gate B for Cumberland Farms Deck anytime from the time gates open through the first inning
  3. Waiver Forms – They are sent to the families in advance and must be signed to receive their tickets
  4. Goody Bags – Each family will receive a goody bag when entering the ballpark
  5. Scoreboard Message – Arranged in advance, there will be a scoreboard message saying: “The Boston Red Sox Welcome Our Peanut-Allergy Families to Fenway Park”
  6. Wally the Green Monster visit – Arranged in advance, Wally will visit the or Cumberland Farms deck, for a half inning during the game
  7. Customer Service – A combination of Fenway Ambassadors, Ushers, Security and Beth Israel EMS staff providing the best customer service possible
Booth F will be available one game per homestand for families whose children have extremely severe allergies. Additional opportunities may arise throughout the season.

 Booth F:

  • Located on Media Level of Fenway Park
  • Tickets are available once per Homestand 
  • Price: $55 per ticket and the booth can hold up to 6 people per game
  • Each family will be given a goody bag that includes the waivers that each individual must sign upon arriving at 4 Yawkey Way
  • It is the assigned ambassador’s duty to ensure Booth F is clean of all nut products before bringing the family to the booth
  • The Fan Services calendar will provide contact info of the family attending each specific game as well as a time for the assigned ambassador to meet the family and escort them to Booth F
  • Families will meet an ambassador at 4 Yawkey Way at the convenience of the department prior to game time and be taken up the Booth F via the Front Office
  • For credentials, which act as their ticket please see Will Jones, Jovan Holland, or Nina Beltre
  • The ambassador will be the contact for this family for the duration of the game, please exchange contact numbers and remain accessible.


1. Why must we sign waivers?
   Waivers must be signed before attending a peanut allergy friendly game as     
   we cannot fully guarantee a peanut free environment.

2. Why are ticket prices so high for my family and I to attend a game?
The Coca – Cola Deck tickets were the most expensive at $75 per ticket based upon feedback we switched locations and the highest priced ticket is $50 for Cumberland Farm Deck tickets.

3. Are tours available for people with peanut allergies? 
We will offer a peanut allergy friendly tour before every peanut allergy friendly game in 2013. More details will be provide closer to each date.

4. Why did I not receive any emails or updates about the peanut allergy friendly games?
Participants must notify Will Jones of an email or phone number changes for  contact and information purposes. Email at

5. What is the reason for using only the Cumberland Farms Deck for peanut allergy friendly games? The Cumberland Farms Deck was voted on by the majority of participants who took the 2012 Peanut Allergy Friendly survey.

6. What time do gates open?
    Gates open an hour ½ before game time.

7. My kids have a severe airborne peanut allergy how can we attend a game at Fenway    Park? 
For one game during each homestand we offer our fully enclosed Booth F as our peanut allergy friendly booth. Booth F is located on Fenway Park’s 5th floor media level.

8. How do I know what foods are peanut allergy friendly at Fenway Park?
A list of ingredients for each food served at concessions will be emailed to each participant. There will be a concession stand nearby that will not carry any peanut products or use any peanut oils on the day of each peanut allergy friendly game.

9. Will there be more games this next year?
For the 2013 season we will have 6 peanut allergy friendly games with the addition of the Baseball Beanpot and the Futures @ Fenway game. 

10. Why are there vendors who sell peanut products roaming the peanut allergy friendly area? Vendors will pass by the peanut allergy friendly section to visit fans in other seating locations.

11. Can I swap my tickets grandstand seats for peanut allergy friendly seats?
      Situations such as these will be handled on a case by case Basis.

  • Please note that Fenway Park is NOT Peanut Free. We prefer the term Peanut Allergy Friendly as we know there are fans who attend Fenway Park that will eat peanuts in other areas of the park.
  • After every game I will send out a survey in which I would like all participants to answer. This survey will help us gain knowledge on how to better improve your experience here at Fenway Park.
  • Please Contact Me throughout the season with updated emails and phone number changes. This is so that everyone stays in the loop and has a fair chance to purchase tickets to our peanut allergy friendly games.

For any suggestions, questions, or information on Peanut Allergy Friendly games please contact Will Jones at 617-226-6278 or email:

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Yankees 2013: Peanut Allergy Friendly Suites at 2 Games

Just received news from Cheri Golub today about the Yankees peanut allergy friendly games--very exciting! Thank you, Cheri! Please see the below email for the details.

Good Afternoon, 

I hope this email finds you and your family well. I am pleased to inform you about this season’s Suite Nights at Yankee Stadium. The dates are for the game scheduled on Friday, April 12th against the Baltimore Orioles at 7:05pm and for the game scheduled on Saturday, April 27th against the Toronto Blue Jays at 4:05pm. The cost will be $100.00 per ticket per person. The seating location will be for a Party City Party Suite. Basic ballpark food and non alcoholic beverages will be included in the cost of the ticket. A waiver that must be signed, notarized and returned to the Yankees prior to or at the time tickets are picked up for the relevant game, will be provided once your interest in attending one or both games has been indicated.

If you are interested in purchasing tickets for one or both of the games please let me know and I will reply with a request for necessary information in order to proceed with your request. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Thank you,

Aaron Pickus
New York Yankees
Senior Coordinator, Disabled Services and Guest Relations
Yankee Stadium
One East 161st Street
Bronx, NY 10451
Direct Dial: 646-977-8048 
TTY: 718-579-4595 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Lakewood BlueClaws 2013: Peanut Free Game

I just received word from FARE that the Lakewood, New Jersey BlueClaws are hosting a peanut-free game on Sunday, June 2, at 1:05PM which will benefit FARE. For additional information, please take a look at the promo flyer. A separate flyer is available to explain how to purchase tickets for the game. The Lakewood BlueClaws have been hosting peanut allergy friendly games for several years now.