Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Arizona Diamondbacks Offer Gluten-Free Food at Games

"The times they are a-changin"--peanut-free and food-free zones, peanut-free games and gluten-free snacks at the ballpark! It's nice to see how baseball teams are making such an effort to reach out to fans on restricted diets! The Phoenix Fanster reported that the Arizona Diamondbacks will be offering gluten-free snacks and beer at games this season: Take Me Out to the Ball Game (Gluten-free Remix).

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Paul Saints Food-Free Seats

I received a tip from a reader (Thanks, G!) about the June 25, 2009 St. Paul Saints game and confirmed the details with Wendy Wessel, Coordinator of Food Allergy Support Group of Minnesota. This is the 5th year of the food-free section at a St. Paul Saints baseball game! You heard right--peanut-free, nut-free, completely food-free! Wendy explained the arrangements: "They arrange for us to reserve the top several rows of a section, with an empty "buffer" row between our section and the rows below. Our area gets extra cleaning before the game. Their food vendors cannot try to sell food in our area. They place extra ushers in the aisles to communicate the accommodations with other fans if they try to sit in the empty row or bring food in our area. Some of our attendees bring snacks to the game but go to main walkways under the bleachers to have them and then they return to their seat. Drinks are allowed in our area."

Ticket information for the game will be available at the end of April at

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Clinton Lumberkings' Peanut Free Night on May 20

We are happy to hear that "Peanut Free Night" returns to Alliant Energy Field again this season. "No products containing peanuts or peanut oil will be sold or allowed in the ballpark for the Wednesday, May 20 game" the Lumberkings play against Lansing.

Lowell Spinners Offer 2 Peanut-Free Baseball Games

Peanut-free seating areas are springing up all over!

Out of Lowell, Massachusetts, comes news of two peanut free night games at the Lowell Spinners, Class-A Affiliate of the Red Sox, during the 2009 season. The Spinner have set Wednesday, July 1 and Sunday, August 2 as Peanut Free nights. Jon Boswell, Media Relations Manager for the Spinners, explained "Both games are the first games of homestands, giving us an opportunity to thoroughly power wash our stadium and clean our concession stands. No peanuts or products containing peanuts will be sold that night."

"Individual tickets for our 2009 season go on sale Tuesday, March 17 and group tickets can be booked now through our Spinners Ticket Office at 978-459-1702. Ticket prices range from just $4 for standing room to $8, making Spinners games affordable for the entire family. Additionally, on our second Peanut Free game, as part of our Sunday Kid’s Days, children are welcome to stay after the game to run the bases on the field."

Not bad, eh? 2 peanut-free games, and check out those ticket prices! That's a steal!

More Peanut-Free Seating for Red Sox Games

I am not sure if any tickets remain, but there were 3 more additional Red Sox games with peanut-free seating announced this week. So exciting!

June 7th vs. Texas
July 12th vs. Kansas City
September 13th vs. Tampa Bay

To inquire about tickets or get on the waiting list for next season, send an email to (**Note: Families may purchase tickets to more than one game**). Tickets are sold on a first come, first serve basis and are $75 for seats, and $25 for standing room.

San Diego Padres' Peanut-Free Seating

We just received the following news from Sue Wagner of the San Diego Food Allergy Support Group:

The San Diego Padres along with San Diego Food Allergy Support Group™ have created a peanut-free seating area for the:

May 17th Padres v. Cincinnati Reds Game at 1:05 p.m.

The gate value of tickets is $50, which all participants will be able to purchase at the discounted $25 price using our promotion code.

To purchase tickets,

click on the link below and enter promo code:

PEANUT for the 50% discount.

Peanut-Free Ticket Sales or and follow the link from there.

To prepare for the event, the Padres will power wash the seating section, have trained emergency responders aware of our sections needs, remove peanut items from the vendors in the immediate concourse area above the section, post "Peanut Free Zone" signs around the section with ushers to help insure compliance.

Peanut Allergy Friendly Games at Fenway

Yes, it's that time of the year. News of more peanut-free, peanut-reduced, food-free and allergy friendly games is beginning to trickle in, as spring draws near. The Red Sox will be offering several games with a peanut allergy friendly zone or section to those on the waiting list. You can request the waiting list for the peanut allergy friendly section by calling the ticket office at 877-RED-SOX9. Based on what I can gather, it's a pretty long list, but if you aren't lucky enough to get the call or email this year, Fenway will be sure to follow up with you next year.

This is not Fenway's first venture into offering accomodations to peanut allergic fans, as we were reminded by a reader several months ago--Seats for Peanut Allergic Red Sox Fans. With the removal of Conigliaro's Corner, the peanut allergy friendly seating will be in the Coca Cola Left Field Pavilion this year. Seats are $75 and standing room is $25. We understand that there will be several games for which peanut allergy friendly seating is available this season. Being a local, I must say thanks again to the Red Sox and the folks at Fenway for making these seats available!

Details for Seattle Mariners 2009 Peanut-Free Games

Here are the details on the Seattle Mariner's peanut-free baseball games for 2009 courtesy of Michael San Soucie. Thanks again, Michael!

"After a successful peanut-free experiment last season with a couple of games, we are expanding our Peanut Controlled Area games to a total of 4 this season. For the following four games, the view box sections 313, 314, and 315 will be reserved for those folks with peanut allergies and their families. This area will seat roughly 200 fans and will be specially priced at $11 per ticket.

Sunday May 3 vs. Oakland
Wednesday June 24 vs. San Diego
Tuesday July 7 vs. Baltimore
Monday August 10 vs. White Sox

Additional details can be found at which links directly to the GroupManager ticketing page. The offer is live so tickets can be ordered at this time. This offer will be promoted within that "community" but please feel free to inform anyone you know who would be in need of these special seats.


Michael San Soucie"

Please note that you need to use the offer code "peanut". Enjoy the game!

Ticket Form for Toronto Bluejays' Peanut/Nut Reduced Games

As you know, we're actively following the schedule of "peanut-free" baseball games for the 2009 season. Recently, we shared information pertaining to upcoming peanut/nut reduced zone Toronto Bluejays games. If you are interested, we have received the form you will need to purchase those tickets. It is available online at Bluejays Peanut/Nut Reduced Zone Games.

The schedule and ticket ordering information for peanut/nut reduced zone games for the Toronto Bluejays follows:

To reserve your tickets now, contact Andrew Haley with the Blue Jays (order form attached):

Sunday, April 19 1:07 vs Oakland Athletics

Sunday, May 17 1:07 vs Chicago White Sox (long weekend)

Thursday, June 4 12:37 vs Los Angeles Angels

Saturday, July 18 1:07 vs Boston Red Sox

Saturday, August 8 1:07 vs Baltimore Orioles

Saturday, September 5 1:07 vs New York Yankees (long weekend)

Note: The executive lounge may not be available for all the games. If not a suitable replacement site will be selected. Other dates could be added depending on demand.

More "Peanut-Free" Baseball

Over at, members report additional "peanut-free" and food allergy aware baseball games. With their permission, I am cutting and pasting it here too.

Thursday, May 14th, 2009
The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network and the Bowie Baysox are proud to present FOOD ALLERGY AWARENESS NIGHT!! Come watch America’s Pastime in a Safe and Healthy setting for those affected by Food Allergies and Anaphylaxis. We’re designating a very special section as our “FOOD-FREE ZONE”
- Section will be extensively cleaned prior to the game
- Section will be kept clear of food during the game
- Bottled water and soda WILL be allowed
Gates Open @ 6:00 pm
7:05 pm First Pitch


Thursday, June 25, 2009
7:00 pm

Keys vs Winston-Salem

Peanut Free Night; Thirsty Thursday
Call 301-815-9900 to find out about Thirsty Thursday in the Keys Cafe. We recognize our fans with peanut allergies by making the stadium peanut-free tonight! Find out about all our Cafe theme nights.

Individual game tickets aren't available for purchase (at least online) yet. From Loudoun County (or western Fairfax), it's only about an hour to the ballpark.

Peanut/Nut Reduced Zone at Toronto Bluejays Games

Thanks to Debbie Bruce for sending us all the important info and dates for the 2009 Toronto Bluejays games offering a peanut and nut reduced zone. I am cutting and pasting it below for your reference. One game in particular caught my eye--the July 18 game against the Red Sox. What a fun way to catch the Sox away from Fenway for peanut and nut allergic fans. There are six tempting dates this year, including the Yankees, the Red Sox, the White act fast! (I do not have the form here, so email Andrew asap if you are interested.)

Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Club announce Six Dates
for Peanut/ Nut Reduced Zone at Rogers Centre.
Thanks to a tremendous response to games in 2008, the Toronto Blue Jays are pleased to once again offer families dealing with life threatening allergies a dedicated, comfortable and safe seating zone from which to enjoy the game. Returning for six games in 2009 is the Peanut/Nut Reduced Zone seating at Rogers Centre. The games are highlighted by a Boston Red Sox match-up in July and a New York Yankee visit in September.

The Executive Lounge, which holds up to 80 people, will be cleaned in advance and devoted to the exclusive use of families who live with peanut/nut and other severe allergies. When the program was first announced in 2008, 40% of tickets for the first three dates sold out in two days.
Tickets for the Executive Lounge, located near Gate 3, are $45 per person (tax included). Families will be allowed to bring some approved snacks into the suite, as well as have the option to purchase specially selected food and beverage items. During these games, peanut and nut-based snacks will not be permitted into the Executive Lounge.
We look forward to sharing the day with you…
Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Club
To reserve your tickets now, contact Andrew Haley with the Blue Jays (order form attached):
Sunday, April 19 1:07 vs Oakland Athletics
Sunday, May 17 1:07 vs Chicago White Sox (long weekend)
Thursday, June 4 12:37 vs Los Angeles Angels
Saturday, July 18 1:07 vs Boston Red Sox
Saturday, August 8 1:07 vs Baltimore Orioles
Saturday, September 5 1:07 vs New York Yankees (long weekend)
Note: The executive lounge may not be available for all the games. If not a suitable replacement site will be selected. Other dates could be added depending on demand.

Seattle Mariners and Tacoma Rainiers Peanut Free Baseball

The good people at Washington FEAST were kind enough to pass the following news on to Food Allergy Buzz. A special thanks to Michael San Soucie for this info, and thanks to the individuals and groups responsible for arranging the peanut-free zone baseball games in Seattle and Tacoma this season.

"The Seattle Mariners are doubling their efforts this year to provide baseball in a safer environment for those with peanut allergies. We thought we had fun last year going to two Mariner games. For the 2009 season, they will be offering FOUR games during the season with a peanut free zone. And due to your requests I received and passed on to the Mariners, the first one is a Sunday day game! Play Ball!

Here are the dates, times, and opponents for the games being offered this upcoming season. Keep your eyes out for more information at a later date regarding ticket pricing and how to purchase tickets.

Game #1 - Sunday, May 3rd, 1:10pm vs. Oakland A's (this is Little League Day so kids may have the opportunity to go on the field before the game if you are comfortable doing that - more details on that later)

Game #2 - Wednesday, June 24th, 7:10pm vs. San Diego Padres (a little interleague play for the National League fans)

Game #3 - Tuesday, July 7th, 7:10pm vs. Baltimore Orioles

Game #4 - Monday, August 10th, 7:10pm vs. Chicago White Sox

The Mariners are also moving our group a bit closer to home plate this season. Our seating area will be sections 313 to 315 which provides somewhere between 200 and 250 seats per game depending on how we establish the safety buffer zones. Last seasons sections accommodated right around 150 per game with the buffer zones.

Also remember that Seattle Children's Hospital is sponsoring another baseball event on Sunday, May 24th at the Tacoma Rainiers game. This event will be held on one of the party decks at Cheney Stadium. The party decks provide a great atmosphere for watching the game and mingling at the same time."

Seats for Peanut Allergic Red Sox Fans

A reader wrote to say that Fenway Park in Boston has peanut free seating. If you are interested in the peanut free seating area, you must contact the Red Sox and request to be put on the waiting list. The reader says that those on the waiting list typically receive a phone call when seats are available in Conigliaro's Corner. In the past, tickets have run about $25 each.

This is great information! Thanks so much for sending it. If anyone else has additional information to share about peanut free seating at Fenway or any other ballpark, please email me,, and I'll pass on the information about these sought-after tickets.

Baseball Season Not So Far Away

We just had our first snow yesterday, December 7, and I've spotted the first mention of peanut free baseball for the 2009 season. If you followed Food Allergy Buzz during the summer, you'll recall my penchant for following all the baseball games with special accommodations for food allergic and specifically peanut allergic fans. I can't stop now!

Here is the press release for the first one I spotted for 2009. The River City Rascals in O'Fallon, Missouri, along with Gateway FEAST (Food Allergy, Eczema, and Asthma Support Team) have planned Peanut-Safe Wednesdays in Section 109. To purchase tickets, call 636-240-BATS and ask about the Peanut-Safe section, #109.

Please email me,, with any news of peanut-free, food-free and other special accommodations for the upcoming baseball season. We'll help spread the word!