Monday, March 26, 2012

Peanut-free Seating Minnesota Twins 2012 Announced!!!

This just came in via an e-blast from the AFAA (Anaphylaxis and Food Allergy Association of Minnesota):

"Due to popular demand, the Minnesota Twins will offer TEN games this season where peanut-allergic fans can view the games from 2 Target Field balconies located in left field!

Sunday, May 27 - 1:10 (Detroit Tigers)  
Wednesday, May 30 - 12:10 - (Oakland A's)
Monday, June 25 - 7:10 - (Chicago White Sox)

Sunday, July 1 - 1:10 - (Kansas City Royals)
Thursday, July 19 - 12:10 - (Baltimore Orioles)
Monday, July 30 - 7:10 - (Chicago White Sox)
Sunday, August 12 -1:10 -  (Tampa Bay Rays)
Tuesday, August 28 - 7:10 - (Seattle Mariners)
Sunday, Sept 9 - 1:10 -  (Cleveland Indians)
Sunday, Sept 16 - 1:10 (Chicago White Sox)

Tickets $22-$24 depending on game." (see flier)  

"$10 service charge for ordering.  No refunds/exchanges from Twins office but you may sell your unused tickets to AFAA families on waiting list if you cannot use them (contact AFAA for information). 

Only those with a legitimate allergy to peanuts and their immediate family members are eligible for these sections.   Participants will be required to sign a waiver and may be asked to provide documentation from a doctor.  Contact AFAA  for questions about eligibility.

Groups should order tickets at one time to ensure seating in the same balcony.

 Safety features:  
  • Peanut-free baseball fare (i.e. hot dogs, beverages) will be allowed
  • Balconies physically separated from other stadium seating
  • Tables and chairs cleaned prior to games
  • Exclusive access to the balconies for allergic fans
  • AFAA hosts will be available in the balconies 
  • A section of the balcony will be roped off as a designated area for those with multiple food allergies."
tickets sell out fast!!!

THANK YOU AFAA Minnesota!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Peanut-Safe/Allergy Safe Minnesota Twins Games 2012

Big news for food allergic Minnesota Twins fans in today's e-blast from the Anaphylaxis and Food Allergy Association of Minnesota:

"The Minnesota Twins will release the game dates for the Peanut-Safe/Allergy-Safe section on Monday, March 26th, when tickets will go on sale.  Be sure you are on the AFAA E-mail list to get the Twins order form/flier!  Last year tickets sold out in 1 day!  More games were added - and they too sold out in a day!"

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Nut Free Zone: Rochester Red Wings 2012

Did you know the Rochester Red Wings offer a nut free zone on a "large grass berm on the third base side of the ball park"? They also have an allergy free concession stand called "Free", which "specializes in menu items that are gluten free, dairy free, peanut free and tree nut free." The current menu includes: "pizza, tuna melt, nachos with salsa, brownies, and cookies".

There is no peanut-free game because the nut free zone is available at every game!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Peanut-Free Section: Madison Mallards Allergy Friendly Game 2012

Thank you to the Wisconsin Food Allergy Association for contacting us with information about the upcoming Madison Mallards Allergy Friendly Game. 

The Madison Mallards will be playing the Lakeshore Chinooks at the June 17 Allergy Friendly game. The game starts at 3:05 PM. There will be a peanut/nut free concession stand with ingredient listings available for the items sold there, and there will be a special peanut free seating section. Tickets are $22 per person and include all you can eat and drink (soda & water) and 3 draught beers.

To purchase tickets, visit and enter the code "allergy". 

Please visit (the Wisconsin Food Allergy Association) for more information, and click here to view the flyer for the game.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Peanut Free Days with the West Michigan Whitecaps 2012

Thanks goes to the Whitecaps for this great peanut allergy friendly news:

"The West Michigan Whitecaps are bringing "Peanut Free Day" back to the ballpark on May 9th and 10th when the team takes on the Great Lakes Loons. This event encourages baseball fans who have peanut allergies to come out to Fifth Third Ballpark without having to worry about coming in contact with peanuts or any other nut-containing food. Thursday's game begins at 11 a.m.

Fifth Third Ballpark will undergo extensive cleaning before the games to ensure no peanut material is in the stadium. All food items that include or are made with peanut products will be removed. This is the 10th time since 2003 the Whitecaps are holding a Peanut Free Day."

Ticket purchasing options include:

By phone* ...
    (616) 784-4131 or 800-CAPS-WIN
By fax* ...
    (616) 784-4911
By mail* ...
    West Michigan Whitecaps
    Ticket Office
    P.O. Box 428
    Comstock Park, MI 49321-0428

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Peanut Free Areas: Kansas City Royals 2012

Twitter's my absolute favorite social media app, and I must thank #foodallergy pal @catestew for the tip on the Kansas City Royals peanut allergy friendly games. I checked with the Royals and can share the following info:

The dates for which peanut free seating areas are available are: "5/16, 6/26, 7/19, 8/15, 9/3"

"Tickets are $37 each and children under 32” do not need a ticket but will not have a seat so they will have to sit on your lap."

To purchase tickets, please telephone Alex Janowiak, Premium Services Coordinator, at 816.504.4434.

Please note: these dates are not being advertised. Thank you to the Royals for making these peanut allergy friendly games possible and for permitting me to share this information on