Monday, March 26, 2012

Peanut-free Seating Minnesota Twins 2012 Announced!!!

This just came in via an e-blast from the AFAA (Anaphylaxis and Food Allergy Association of Minnesota):

"Due to popular demand, the Minnesota Twins will offer TEN games this season where peanut-allergic fans can view the games from 2 Target Field balconies located in left field!

Sunday, May 27 - 1:10 (Detroit Tigers)  
Wednesday, May 30 - 12:10 - (Oakland A's)
Monday, June 25 - 7:10 - (Chicago White Sox)

Sunday, July 1 - 1:10 - (Kansas City Royals)
Thursday, July 19 - 12:10 - (Baltimore Orioles)
Monday, July 30 - 7:10 - (Chicago White Sox)
Sunday, August 12 -1:10 -  (Tampa Bay Rays)
Tuesday, August 28 - 7:10 - (Seattle Mariners)
Sunday, Sept 9 - 1:10 -  (Cleveland Indians)
Sunday, Sept 16 - 1:10 (Chicago White Sox)

Tickets $22-$24 depending on game." (see flier)  

"$10 service charge for ordering.  No refunds/exchanges from Twins office but you may sell your unused tickets to AFAA families on waiting list if you cannot use them (contact AFAA for information). 

Only those with a legitimate allergy to peanuts and their immediate family members are eligible for these sections.   Participants will be required to sign a waiver and may be asked to provide documentation from a doctor.  Contact AFAA  for questions about eligibility.

Groups should order tickets at one time to ensure seating in the same balcony.

 Safety features:  
  • Peanut-free baseball fare (i.e. hot dogs, beverages) will be allowed
  • Balconies physically separated from other stadium seating
  • Tables and chairs cleaned prior to games
  • Exclusive access to the balconies for allergic fans
  • AFAA hosts will be available in the balconies 
  • A section of the balcony will be roped off as a designated area for those with multiple food allergies."
tickets sell out fast!!!

THANK YOU AFAA Minnesota!!!