Wednesday, May 1, 2013

St. Louis Cardinals 2013: Peanut Controlled Days

This year, the St. Louis Cardinals are offering three peanut controlled days at Busch Stadium:

Wednesday, June 5, at 7:15 PM
Sunday, July 7, 1:15 PM
Saturday, August 24, 6:15 PM

Per the Cardinals' website, "This unique opportunity allows our fans with peanut allergies to sit in a "Peanut Controlled Zone" - sales of peanuts will be halted in your section and fans will not be allowed to consume peanut products in that area."

To purchase tickets, please visit the Cardinals' website.

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  1. The St. Louis Cardinals work with our group, Gateway FEAST, and do a fantastic job with this. As in the past, the section will be roped off and only those with a ticket for that section will be allowed in. Everyone will get a wristband so that the ushers know you belong there. The section will be thoroughly cleaned before the game. Foods containing peanuts will not be sold in or near the section, and no one will be allowed to consume foods containing peanuts in the section. And Fredbird will be paying a visit to the section during each game to get pictures with the kids! Tickets are $12