Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Peanut Free Night - Frederick Keys 2012

Please see the below press release from Frederick Allergy & Asthma Center regarding the June 14, 2012 Peanut Free Night with the Frederick Keys.

 Allergist Sponsors Peanut-Free Night at Frederick Keys Game 
Frederick, MD – (June 1, 2012) When it comes to the dangers of food allergies, 
Dr. Brigida Hunter wants Keys fans to know the score. For someone who is allergic to peanuts, a fun night at the ballpark can turn into a medical emergency. 

“An allergic reaction to peanuts can cause symptoms ranging from minor irritation to a life-threatening condition called anaphylaxis,” said Dr. Hunter, a board-certified allergist. 

“People with peanut allergies are always at risk of having a serious reaction, even if symptoms have been mild in the past.” An allergist can conduct a skin test to confirm the existence or non-existence of peanut allergy. 

To raise awareness about the dangers of peanut allergies, Dr. Hunter is sponsoring the fourth annual “peanut-free night” at the Frederick Keys baseball game on Thursday, June 14th. Game time is 7pm. The Keys will be taking on the Lynchburg Hillcats in the first of a four-game series. To prepare for the event, Harry Grove Stadium will be washed down multiple times prior to the game to create a safe, 100 % peanut-free environment for allergy sufferers. Dr. Hunter and members of her staff will be on hand to provide information about allergies and award a door prize. 

"We have taken every precaution to allow kids who feel left out of America's pastime to have their night at Harry Grove Stadium," Keys Director of Marketing Adam Pohl said. "We are so pleased to partner with Dr. Hunter once again for this special night." The Keys have generously offered tickets to Frederick Allergy and Asthma Center Patients with peanut allergies. 

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