Friday, June 26, 2009

Washington Nationals Offer 2 Games With Peanut Safe Areas

Thank you to Jim Blitz for passing on the following information about 2 upcoming Washington Nationals games which will offer peanut-safe seating areas.

I have the ticket form in PDF but it is not possible to publish PDFs using Google Docs, so I've included it above as a GIF file. You should be able to view it full-size (and print it) if you click on each image. If that does not work for you, I would be pleased to send the PDF version upon request via email; just drop me a line at
The games are scheduled for Friday, July 24, at 7:05 PM and Sunday, August 23, at 1:35 PM. "The completed ticket order form and waiver should be e-mailed to Brian Beck at the Nationals at or faxed to him at (202)640-7659." To send in the form with a check, please mail it to the address on the form.