Friday, May 1, 2009

Minnesota Twins Peanut-Free Skybox

"Peanut-Free Skybox
Minnesota Twins Reserve 4 games for food allergic fans

Take me out to the ballgame - but forget the peanuts! AFAA will again host the peanut-free skybox for 4 Minnesota Twins baseball games this season. No peanuts or peanut ingredients are allowed into the skybox! Snacks sold inside the skybox are reviewed and labeled, and are free from 6 of the 8 major allergens. (Note: food from Metrodome vendors is allowed into the skybox.)

Game dates: June 17, July 3, August 12, September 11.
Tickets are $31.

For tickets see Peanut-Free Skybox."

This excerpt is from a recent AFAA newsletter.